Company: Altran

Role: 3D Artist.

HMI3D is a Human Machine Interaction concept redesign for the Automotive industry that consists in a virtual holographic interface that is controlled by gestures.

There are three interfaces that can be modified by the user: Entertainment, Car Status and Communication.

On the entertaiment menu, the user can find three different submenu: Mp3, Radio and Gallery.

The esthetics are inspired on a space nebula, it looks like a floating smoke that float up in the space representing music and emotions.

On the MP3 submenu, the user can activate by gestures the music that he or she prefers, select next or previous song or increase and decrease the volume.

On the car status menu, the user can find three different submenus: Climate, Settings and Vehicle Information.

The esthetics are inspirated on a water drop floating in the space. The shape represents the fusion of nature and technology

On the Climate submenu, the user can modify by gestures the temperature, the air direction and the fan intensity of the driver, the passenger or both.

On the communication menu, the user can find three different submenus: Navigation, Phone and Online Services.

The esthetics are inspired on a communication network with all the nodes connected and on constant movement. The shape represents the technology, the internet and the globalization.

On the navigation submenu, the user can zoom in/out the 3D map, select one saved localization or introduce a new one using a tablet integrated on the car.